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It's Easy Being Green

Ever since Ian Clark (President) was young he has always enjoyed and respected the beauty of our lakes and outdoors and has done his best to protect our environment.  Even his cottage is 100% off the grid and solar powered.  Pacific Online carries that respect for our environment in how we operate and we believe saving the environment is not about saving money.
REUSING - is an organization that will take your used computer equipment, refurbish it and donate it to charities.
DATACENTRE POWER REDUCTION - Over the past 3 years we have tripled our infrastructure, but reduced our power consumption as a result adopting forward thinking technologies/equipment.  
HARDWARE - All of the hardware that we purchase is selected for it's power efficiency and power saving features.  If you have used hardware we'd be pleased to assist with the recycling of it.  Even old cables that contain copper are valuable. Visit for more information.
We can help you be greener with your IT - Virtualizing your present IT infrastructure can reduce your power consumption by over 50%. 
Eleven Tips to Live a Greener Life
1. Turn off all lights, appliances, televisions and computers when not in use
2. Seal all leaks around doors
3. Insulate when you renovate - Insulating your attic and the basement walls gives the best savings
4. When buying new appliances buy the most energy efficient one you can afford
5. Avoid idling your vehicle
6. Use an automatic set-back thermostat
7. Leave the car at home
8. Use energy efficient lighting products such as LED and fluorescent lights
9. Clean your furnace regularly
10. Install low-flow shower heads and low usage toilets
11. Host with Pacific Online!
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